Come Fly with Uga

Posted - 20 Aug, 2014

For a few weeks in the middle of August, the monsoon rains let up and a spell of dry, blustery weather sets in. At this season, Sri Lankan children (and many adults) take up the traditional pastimes of kite-making and kite-flying. The skies fill with swooping and fluttering shapes – some traditional, like the ‘snake’, ‘peacock’ and ‘fruit-bat’, others showing the influence of fashion or aerodynamic innovation. One recent vogue was for kites flown at night with rows of lights attached to their strings or to the kite itself, giving rise to a number of UFO sighting reports!

All Uga properties offer guests the chance to engage in this delightful traditional pastime. We’ll teach you how to build and fly a traditional Sri Lankan kite. If you want to try a design of your own, we’ll supply the materials and even help you get it airborne. It’s amazing fun while the dry, windy weather lasts, so come fly with us!

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