Sense and sensuality: Uga Escapes launches new spa brand

Posted - 20 Aug, 2014

Getting in touch with your inner self through relaxation and intensely rewarding leisure experiences – that’s what Uga is all about. Already, guests at our hotels can seek their calm centre through yoga, meditation and immersion in nature and rural life; now, in keeping with that philosophy, we’re launching a new line of spas at our hotels, commencing with our award-winning East Coast properties, Jungle Beach and Uga Bay. All spas will be staffed by specially-trained local and Indonesian masseuses.

Uga Spas will offer facials, massages, hand and foot treatments and full-body treatments, all designed to relax and rejuvenate. All treatments use modern skin and body care and aromatherapy products, specially formulated to be anti-allergenic and to gently restore moisture and nutrients leached away by sun, sand and salt. No sticky or greasy unguents, no smelly ‘herbal baths’ and other concoctions are used. The spas themselves are designed and decorated to deliver an enhanced, positive sensory experience: the spa at Uga Bay, for example, is partly underground, but still offers relaxing views of the beach and sea.

Uga Spas opened at Uga Bay on the 1st of August 2014. Other spas will follow shortly. Watch this space for further developments.

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