Elusive animals to keep an eye on during your stay at Chena Huts – Experience Sri Lankan wildlife while being immersed in absolute luxury

Posted - 31 Jan, 2020

Sri Lanka is gifted with exceptional wildlife; the country touts numerous sites teeming with dense vegetation and rich bio-diversity.

A spot of privacy and complete immersion in sublime surroundings

Chena Huts is among the premier hotels in Yala Sri Lanka, and they offer climate-controlled cabins in a sublime, natural setting profuse with wildlife encounters.

In range with Yala National Park

The cabins are located on the perimeters of Yala National Park – a sanctuary that boasts the highest leopard population in the country and offers you frequent sightings of elephants.

Morning and Evening Safaris

You are offered safaris to the park. On your excursion, you’ll be in close quarters with many wildlife species nurtured by the rich biodiversity of the park.

Butterflies and Insects

Jezebel, crimson rose, glassy blue tiger, common crow, and lemon emigrant will flutter around while you are trying to glimpse the fleeting encounters of cicada bee, stick insect, bee and dragonfly.


Elephants and leopards are sure to make their presence known to you; grey mongoose, ruddy mongoose, spotted deer, wild boar, and water buffalo are a few other species you will encounter.


Among the feathery dwellers of the park are grey heron, painted stork, whistling duck, flycatchers, and jungle fowl.


You will notice the slithering movements of Indian rat snake, Indian star tortoise, common bronzeback, saltwater crocodile and mugger crocodile.


Relax, unwind and breathe in the positive aura that radiates from the wilderness and become one with creation itself! Rediscover yourself in a mysterious land that thrives with unique wildlife and immaculate vistas during your time at Chena Huts.

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