Seafood Specialities at Uga Bay – Savour Some Vitamin Sea

Posted - 31 Jan, 2020

Regarded as one of the premier beach resorts on the island, we at Uga Bay, bring you the best seafood one could savour, which will certainly bring delight to your palate! Read on know about some of the many signature seafood dishes that we serve at our iconic retreat.

Seafood Platter

Succulent and juicy lobster tails slathered with generous amounts of butter, crunchy and delicious batter-fried calamari that oozes with flavour, garlic prawns that are cooked to perfection and an assortment of freshly made delights; this is all that the seafood platter at Uga Bay comes with! Occasionally we make it more extravagant with the addition of new entrees and will make you come back for more!

Devilled tuna or Prawn with sautéed vegetables

Known for their spicy kick that comes a subtle tinge of sourness, devilled seafood is a staple Sri Lankan side dish that is loved by many. At Uga Bay, we offer you a wide variety of devilled dishes; which includes tuna and prawns on the seafood variants. Relish savoury cubes of Tuna devilled with pureed tomatoes, chillies and a variety of handpicked ingredients or indulge in our succulently delicious devilled prawns – which is indeed an explosion of flavour in every bite!

Lagoon Crab Curry

Filled with juicy and tender meat that literally melts in your mouth, the Sri Lankan Lagoon crab will certainly tantalise your taste buds. The wide variety of spices used in the curry accentuates the flavour and the fragrance of the dish, giving it a more pronounced Sri Lankan character. You can enjoy the Lagoon Crab curry with steamed rice which will cut down the spiciness of the curry still preserving the eclectic and delicious taste of the crab.

Catch of the day!

Every day at Uga Bay we bring you the freshest fish from the sea, and this dish features exactly that – The catch of the day! This item in our menu will let you savour reef fish that is filleted and grilled to absolute perfection. With a slice of tangy lime, freshly made tomato salsa, green chilli, rice, and coconut sambol for that Sri Lankan twist; indulge in a meal that you will remember for a lifetime.

Offering you a wide variety of culinary experiences in Sri Lanka, East coast hotels such as ours strive to let you craft the perfect tropical vacation memories…

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