Top 15 places to take photos in Sri Lanka – The best nature spots of the teardrop island

Posted - 29 Feb, 2020

Sri Lanka has a diverse range of landscapes across the country. Instagram is exploding with pictures of this island paradise, and these sights demand your best photography skills. Sri Lanka has a diverse range of landscapes across the country. Instagram is exploding with pictures of this island paradise, and these sights demand your best photography skills.

1. Koggala Beach – The small coastal town is an Instagram highlight. Koggala Beach is known for stilt fishing, and the pictures of fishermen perched on branched stilts grace Instagram often.

2. Avukana Buddha Statue – With a height of 40 feet, Avukana Buddha statue is found close to Kekirawa. The ancient statue goes back to the 5th century and is chiselled from a giant rock.

3. Dambulla Rock Temple

While you are at Ulagalla, make sure you visit this sensational religious site. The temple is fashioned out of a rock, and the skillfully carved statues found here are excellent photo props.

4. Passikudah Beach – Passikudah Beach is the amalgam of charming golden sand and azure blue waters. The shallow waters allow you to walk about half a kilometre into the sea. The serene atmosphere found here is ideal for relaxing as well as taking pictures; the residents of Uga Bay can find time to do both.

5. World War II wreck – Marine photography is a gratifying tourist activity. Off Batticaloa, south of Passikudah lies HMS Hermes submerged in the ocean; the variously hued coral population has swallowed half the vessel. The wreck divers fall in love with what they see, and it is a great opportunity for underwater photography.

6. Jungle Beach – Jungle Beach is a coastal resort that brings together the natural beauty of the area with the luxuries and comforts of Jungle Beach by Uga Escapes. The picturesque surroundings create a muse for photographers.

7. Ella train ride – Often called the most scenic train ride, Ella train ride is a must-have experience.  Snaking through hilly tracks flanked by misty mountain tops and tea plantations, this train ride offers you amazing photo-ops.
8. Tea Plantations in Nuwara Eliya – Sri Lanka has varied landscapes all over the country. Nuwara Eliya, also called Little England, touts breath-taking landscapes clamped with mountains and tea plantations.

9. Mini Adam’s Peak – Mini Adam’s Peak offers hiking opportunities and enchanting sights. The best time to visit, if taking pictures is your priority, is in the morning when the sun rises and, in the evening when the mountain peak is released into a golden glow.

10. Batticaloa – Batticaloa is packed with historical sites that should appear in your photos. The city is fast becoming a tourist destination and those staying at Uga Bay are given the opportunity to explore the city on tailor-made tours.

11. Yala National Park – Many luxury hotels in Sri Lanka are set within the range of national parks. Travellers can go on safari tours and explore these tracts of wilderness in open jeeps. You are not allowed to get off the vehicle, but you can take plenty of pictures. Chena Huts by Uga Escapes, located in the vicinity of Yala National Park, offers personalised safaris to the park.

12. Wilapattu and Minneriya National Parks – Ulagalla by Uga Escapes is located within the bounds of Wilapattu and Minneriya national parks. Guests are offered guided tours; the morning safari that takes off at 5 am is the best excursion of all.

13. Rope Swing in Dalawella – Dalawella beach is known for its rope swing; the swing is tied to a coconut tree on the shore. Tourists like to come here in the evening to take pictures of the enchanting chromatic variation of the sky.

14. Galle Fort

The ramparts of Galle Fort have been gracing Instagram with regularity. Taking pictures with the clock tower and palm trees in the background is one of the popular activities in Sri Lanka.

15. Sigiriya – The UNESCO World Heritage site, Sigiriya, is a captivating highlight. The rock fortress dates back to the 5th century and is a model of ancient architecture. Up at the fortress, you will be privy to the most enchanting views of the area, and the best time to visit is in the morning and the evening. Ulagalla by Uga Escapes devises guided tours to this famous historical site.

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