The Rustic Charms of Sri Lankan Country Lifestyle – A Magical Experience!

Posted - 31 Mar, 2020

Life at Sri Lankan villages is nostalgic, quaint and simple; travellers can experience humility and kindness at the very heart of it. Though they lead difficult lives, the warm smiles of the people, the slow and yet content life transcends to the fact that life on earth can be so blissful with very little influence of technology. Above all, visitors to the countryside can discover the true essence of Sri Lankan life!

The Village Life

The rural villages in Sri Lanka offer you space where one can appreciate life in quiet contemplation. Seeing the hardships that the people face in this part of the world, will make you thankful for what you already have. With much effort and hard work people have created vast reaches of paddy fields, vegetable gardens, and orchards, they lead a self-sustaining lifestyle though it might get hard at times. Children here are happy, they play, they go to school like a flutter of butterflies and help their parents and the elderly at home by doing easy chores. They have very less yet they have more, more happiness in life than others who are wealthy and those who lead a modern life.

Where can you experience Sri Lankan country living?

The north-central region of the islands, the areas surrounding the city of Anuradhapura is home to numerous villages since the region boasts a flat and dry land. These villages lie in the semi-arid zone, numerous tanks and lakes built during the ancient times keep the lands well-fed during the monsoon season, but life here gets difficult during the dryer months of the year. You can visit here through public transport which is by train and buses. Easily venture into these villages from Anuradapura hotel properties the likes of Ulagalla by Uga Escapes. Trips to these villages can be arranged from the resort itself.

What can you see and experience?

A profound sense of peace grows slowly in your hearts as you venture into the villages. The mud houses, the chirping of the birds, the mooing of the cows, chuckling of children, the earthy fragrances for the ploughed fields, the list goes on. The views you get while you are here are spellbinding; paddy fields as far as the eyes could see and silhouette of mountains at the end of the horizon. As the famous country song goes – life is old here, older than the trees, younger than the hills and the blowing breeze. Country roads here will take you home – to the place you never knew that you belonged…

Other Rustic Country Areas

Apart from villages that cultivate paddy in the semi-arid zones of the island, there are other rural regions in the hills as well as the coastal reaches of the island. People who reside in these areas lead an entirely different lifestyle since their lively hood depends mostly on what they do. In the hills, you could see sprawling tea estates and rubber factories and in the coastal regions, people engage in fishing.

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