Jungle Kayaking

Take to the waters of Wannemaduwa tank in a kayak at dawn or dusk to experience the wild life of the forest at its most active. Paddle quietly with your friendly staff guide through floating islands of lotus blossom, stands of water bird-haunted reeds and overhanging boughs. The soft light of the rising or setting sun turns the air to honey and touches the dragonflies’ wings with gold.

    • Time of departure – Best times to go 6am or 4pm.
    • Duration – 1 Hour
    • Distance – Wannemaduwa Tank is 10km long, up to you how far you wish to paddle!
    • What is included – Kayaks and life jackets, binoculars, water bottles, a book on Ulagalla Birds, fresh juice and cool towel on your return Home.
    • What to bring/wear – comfortable, cool clothes that you don’t mind getting wet, a sunhat, and your camera. No shoes to be worn in the kayak.

Cost per person – US $ 30 per person for Half hour and us $ 50 for one hour

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