Uga Spas to Further Enhance Guest Experiences

Posted - 18 Dec, 2014


As our guests know, Uga Escapes is all about rejuvenation and the re-creation of inner harmony. Your time spent at an Uga Escapes resort isn’t just a getaway – it’s a way of recharging your physical and mental batteries, a healing break from the stresses and strains of modern life.

In keeping with this philosophy, all Uga Escapes hotels now have their own Uga Spa –. These Uga spas offer a luxurious array of personal treatments, including massages, facials, hand, foot and full-body options that combine the best of traditional and modern methods to restore and revive you.

Highly trained masseuses from Indonesia perform a range of routines from classic Swedish body massage to aromatherapy massage, head and food treatments, traditional Balinese massage and corrective therapy for backaches. Specialized spa treatments include hydration, aromatherapy, facials, sun-damage repair and circadian adjustment for jet lag. Uga Spas uses their own blend of skin, body care and moisturizing products. Treatments are conducted in a quiet, relaxing atmosphere enhanced by stunning locations and views. At Uga Escapes, spa treatment is star treatment!

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