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Posted - 02 Apr, 2019

“Sri Lanka has a similar energy to its neighbor India, while being more approachable and a little less intimidating…”

Though right in the city center, at Residence by Uga Escapes there’s a sense of peaceful reprieve from the energy of the capital which is very welcoming when grappling with the niggling waves of jet lag.

At the Residence restaurant Nicola was served a mouth watering yellow-fin tuna dish pierced with rosemary sprigs on a sizzling slab of Himalayan pink salt. “It’s so good, I break all the rules and order it again on my final night.” says Nicola on her article on Aviation Life

From Colombo to the east coast of Sri Lanka, the best is to hop in a seaplane and fly over the thick, lush forests. From Batticloa domestic airport,  Uga Bay  is just a short drive away.

Through the floating tunnel at Uga Bay by Uga Escapes is the infinity pool which leads to the ocean. On the shore is a private dining set up under the stars where Nicola feasted on a barbequed lobster, mahi mahi and crab claws.

“….as I take my chilled glass of wine down to the shore, I’m met with the most impressive dining set up I have ever seen. Our table is carved entirely from sand, set deep within the beach just a few feet from where the waves crash against the shore”

The drive to Jungle Beach takes around three hours, skirting the coastline and passing cows that amble along the roadside.

Jungle Beach by Uga Escapes as the name says is surrounded by the Jungle. The thatched cabins are tucked between meandering paths, where monkeys leap between the trees and brightly colored birds dip overhead.

The swinging hammock is an ideal place to enjoy a coffee with each sunrise and Nicola reminisces her stay at Jungle Beach saying “The cabin itself is a dream, with an enclosed outdoor shower where you can bathe underneath the sun dappled leaves.” 

At the end of her journey, Nicola highlighted something very special about Uga Escapes  which makes us proud to be a part of Uga Team.

“The staff here, as with all of the Uga properties, are outstanding – unendingly helpful but with a genuine and contagious sense of happiness. There is a strong ethical policy at the core of the Uga Escapes philosophy, which goes far beyond recycling bins and paper straws. The staff that are hired here have often come from tumultuous backgrounds – some fought in the civil war, some had their homes destroyed by the devastating tsunami of 2004. But tourism projects like this help get people back on their feet, and the strong staff retention rates show that they are absolutely doing something right.”

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