A Spirited Christmas Gift from Residence by Uga Escapes

Posted - 24 Dec, 2019

A Spirited Christmas Gift from Residence by Uga Escapes

Christmas is a festival that warms your hearts with a profound sense of peace and harmony; it teaches you the value of selfless love and instills the habit of giving, on to everyone! That is why we at Residence by Uga Escapes offer you a charming and yet a delightful opportunity to embrace the Christmas spirit with our meticulously crafted Christmas menu.

Being regarded as one of the premier hotels in Colombo, we at Residence by Uga Escapes have set two menus that are embellished with festivities on Christmas eve and on Christmas day. The menus come replete with an assortment of succulent treats that will tantalize your taste buds.

Christmas Eve Menu

Gather around with your loved ones for a meal that you will reminisce about for the rest of your lives. Get ready for a festival filled with bliss with our carefully curated Christmas eve Menu.

Tease your tastebuds for a wholesome meal with succulently delicious nibbles of starters that are prepared to perfection. Chrispy duck cutlets, slow-cooked duck confit or our juicy and tender Yorkshire rib all that would make you crave for more is on our starter menu. Move your way to the soup and once you finish it, experience an explosion of sweet and fragrant fruit flavours with our freshly made sorbet.

The main courses of our menu are, crusted mahi-mahi, roasted Australian lamb leg, and turkey. All of it will be accompanied by a wide assortment of delicious side dishes. The dessert line up is also extensive where you get to choose from house-made Christmas pudding, Yule log with dark chocolate or cranberry pulp with other decadent assortments.

The Christmas day lunch menu

Start off your meal with minced turkey and bacon and slowly delve into maple-glazed roasted duck goodness! Once you have induced your appetite, ready your tummy for the main course with a warm bowl of roasted chestnut soup.

The main course consists of the classic roasted turkey with a festive twist, honey glazed roast pork, a roulade of vegetables with risotto and a casserole filled with clams and seafood. Dowse the heaviness of the mains with some sugary caramelly, and creamy delights that we serve as dessert. House-made Christmas pudding, orange cheesecake and yule log with brandy cream sauce and ginger cookies are the constituents of the Dessert platter.


Both of our menus oozes with festivities and are certainly worth enjoying on this holiday season. Head out to Rare at Residence for an enticing dining experience with your friends and family!

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