What makes traditional Sri Lankan food so special

Posted - 31 Dec, 2019

An assortment of fragrant spices, the freshest of ingredients and lots of love; this is all that goes into traditional Sri Lankan food! Read on to know more about what makes Sri Lankan food so special.

Traditional Sri Lankan food is Spicy!
If you love spicy food, then you are certainly in paradise! This is because Sri Lankan cuisine is instilled with the generous use of chillies in most of their dishes. Sri Lankans use chillies in many different forms, powdered, dried, fresh and there is even a flaky version of it.
Pro tip: If you do not enjoy the heat, you can dowse down the spiciness with a yoghurt drink which is readily available at almost all eateries across the island.

The use of Spices
There are over 20 different spices used in Sri Lankan cuisine; each of them having their own unique flavour and aroma and being used during different stages of cooking. The spices used in the food not only accentuates the flavour but also aids in digestion and some of them have medicinal properties too.

Clay and wooden utensils
Even though the culinary world has moved into the use of modern utensils made from different metals and ceramic, most Sri Lankans still use pots made out of clay along with wooden spoons and spatulas to cook their food. Not only are these environmentally friendly but they also give the food a more natural and pronounced taste.

Fresh and organically sourced ingredients
Due to its tropical location and varied landscapes, Sri Lanka has a healthy supply of fresh vegetables and luscious fruits throughout the year; they are also organically grown in the rural regions of the country.

You can see the use of these ingredients being cooked in environmentally friendly utensils at most of the Sri Lankan households and sometimes even at resorts and hotels as well. If you happen to plan your stay at hotels the likes of Ulagalla by Uga Escapes; a standout among 5-star hotels in Sri Lanka, head out to their Kamatha Restaurant to see how traditional Sri Lankan food is made with the all of the above-mentioned aspects up close. While you are here you would not only see but also will be able to savour a meal with your loved ones with the warmest hospitality from the staff at the resort.

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