Eco-Tourism and Jungle Beach By Uga Escapes – Co-existing synonymously with nature!

Posted - 30 Mar, 2020

Conserving and caring for the environment is one of the core values that Uga Escapes has been built upon and we do everything within our capacity to protect and nurture the fragile and wonderful environment that is around us. Here are some of the initiatives we have thoughtfully crafted in order to minimize the carbon footprint that we leave on the planet.

Recycling Water Bottles

Single-use plastic bottles have a huge impact on the environment and that is in a very destructive way and we at Uga Escapes wanted to put an end to it, at least within our premises. That is why we switched to reusable glass water bottles. We have a dedicated water bottle recycling facility where we bring the bottles used across our properties and with certified hygienic conditions we clean, refill, re-seal and re-distribute them. Ensuring the safety of the environment.

Beach Cleanup

We came up with this initiative to conserve the environment as well as to provide the credit of doing so to our guests. While you are at our resort you could request for a bag and as you stroll around the beach, you could collect and give us plastic bags and bottles so that we could recycle them in an environmentally friendly manner.

Responsible and Environmentally Friendly Waste Disposal

At Jungle Beach by Uga Escapes, we dispose of the waste material without inflicting any kind of damage to mother nature. Most of our organic waste is converted into compost that is in turn used as manure to the plants in our organic gardens. We support many causes that aid in the conservation of natural resources and we contribute more towards a sustainable future more than any other resort establishments in the country.

Construction of our Resort

Set in the midst of surreal natural vistas of the turquoise Indian Ocean and lush greenery, Jungle Beach by Uga Escapes offers you the perfect getaway to become one with nature. But since it is located amidst a jungle, there is a common misconception that a lot of vegetation might have been cleared off to make room for the resort, but it is totally untrue; only one tree has been cut down during the construction process and that too was due to unavoidable circumstances and with a heavy heart. We as a responsible organization place considerable emphasis on conserving nature and contributing towards a future that coexists synonymously with natural elements.

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