Travelling Despite Coronavirus – Sri Lanka a Safe Destination

Posted - 29 Feb, 2020

The recent viral outbreak of COVID-19 which was initially named as the Novel Coronavirus has raised concerns among people all around the globe due to its alarmingly fast dispersal and the number of casualties it has caused in a short period of time. Although many countries have reports of infections, Sri Lanka has identified only one person contracting the Virus; the person has visited the island from Wuhan – the epicentre of the outbreak.

Upon being diagnosed, the patient was subsequently taken to an isolation unit and was treated with great care. The medical staff tended to her needs without hesitation and several weeks later, after a series of tests, she was deemed completely cured of the illness and was discharged from the hospital. Thereafter She addressed the media stating how helpful and kind the medical staff were, aiding her to recovery. Since then, there have been no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the country. One of the major reasons for the virus being contained successfully was the quick actions of the authorities and the IDH (infectious disease hospital) helping isolate the patient and completely disrupting the spread of the disease.

The country now has protective measures in place at all the Airports where travellers are monitored during arrival. The dedicated facility(IDH) for treating patients who have contracted the disease is well equipped and well-staffed so even in the event of distress, the countermeasures are actively in place. With extensive precautionary measures, travelling has been made safe in Sri Lanka. Luxury resorts too are very vigilant of this event and are on high alert. Overall, the country is safe for travel and there is nothing to worry about if you are planning to spend your vacation in Sri Lanka anytime soon.

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