Embrace healthy living by switching to organically sourced vegetables – Embark on a healthy food journey during your stay at Uga Ullagalla

Posted - 29 Feb, 2020

People are becoming more health-conscious by the day. How your vegetables are grown can have a massive impact on your mental and physical health, and the environment.

Organic vegetables are fresher

Organic vegetables don’t contain preservatives; they are grown on small farms and always cooked fresh. You can see this for yourself by visiting Uga Ullagalla’s herb and vegetable garden – you are allowed to pick your own vegetables for lunch, and they are converted into authentic Sri Lankan dishes in the traditional hearth kitchen.

Environmental safety

Ullagalla promotes environmentally friendly living by introducing you to the traditional cultivation methods in Sri Lanka. Organic farming practices deter pollution, soil erosion and increase soil fertility.

More healthy fats

By switching to organically grown vegetables, you can raise your omega-3 intake. Vegetables produced at Uga Ullagalla’s herb and vegetable garden come with more healthy fats than conventionally produced vegetables.

Better taste

In addition to nutrition, the minerals in organic vegetables are tasty because they are allowed sufficient time to develop and mature; the taste of organic vegetables is higher than that of conventionally grown.

Robust immune system

The organic vegetable farming method doesn’t tamper with the mineral structure of vegetables. By eating organic vegetables, you are providing yourself with the vitamins and minerals necessary for a robust immune system.

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