Mother Nature Reclaiming what’s Rightfully Hers

Posted - 09 Apr, 2020

Thriving wildlife around the planet due to the prevailing situation.

Humanity has been losing its bond with mother nature since the dawn of the industrial age. The further we built megalithic edifices that helped us conquer the world the farther we went away from the reach of nature. But today things have changed, mankind has taken a step back from its evolution, this has birthed an opportunity to re-establish a long lost connection between man and mother nature. Read on to know about how mother nature is reclaiming what’s rightfully hers and to learn more about how we should act with compassion and empathy towards nature’s profound offerings when everything goes back to normal.

The Wilderness

Forests and sparsely vegetated shrublands are thriving and deforested lands are blossoming with new plants since they are not being disturbed by humans. Woodlands that have been scheduled to be cut down have been called off and nature is being thankful by purifying more fossil fuel that has been released to the atmosphere.


With tourism and travel now come to a halt, popular tour destinations are less crowded with people and some are almost empty. Animals and insects that had retreated from these places are now coming out from their secluded habitats and they are being sighted at these sites occasionally. Birds have started to nest at rather uncommon urban establishments and most of them seem to be very happy. You can also see this if you are staying at an eco-hotel in Sri Lanka the likes of Chena Huts or any other resort establishment that is situated close to natural surrounds.

The Atmosphere

Reports say Oxygen levels are gradually increasing in the atmosphere along with reduced pollution levels. This is mainly due to people staying in their homes and not using transportation. Also, factories and production sites are now closed resulting in less production of greenhouse gases.

What We Need to Know

Although we are moving towards more sustainable ways of living, the pace we move to greener ways of living is slow. Situations like these show us the need to be more considerate of what we do and how it impacts nature. So when everything goes back to normal it is of high importance that we should assist nature to be as blissfully beautiful as it used to be and take necessary measures to speed up the pace we take initiatives to conserve nature.

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