Getting the most out of your resort holiday without heading out

Posted - 30 Apr, 2020

Indulge in cosy comforts!

From bars, restaurants, private pools, gymnasiums to spaces dedicated to entertainment facilities, resorts today, have almost everything within their premises to ensure that their guests indulge in a comfortable holiday experience. There are so many interesting things you could do while you are put up at a resort; wondering how to make the most out of your stay at a resort without heading out? Then do read on.


Resorts are designed with the primary purpose of offering relaxation and comfort to their patrons and they have incorporated so many unique features for you to take advantage of. Abodes at any resort will be equipped with cosy furniture, and amenities so that you can enjoy a carefree stay. If you are planning to stay at any of the premier boutique hotels in Sri Lanka the likes of Jungle Beach by Uga Escapes you can visit their spa, to indulge in a herbal bath experience or have a therapeutic massage session.

Explore the resort’s surroundings

All the properties of Uga Escapes have tranquil surroundings, the resort’s premises are meticulously designed and they are maintained with great care. If you stay at any of these properties, you could spend time at the gardens, maybe you could walk to the beach if you are at Jungle Beach or explore the wildlife from the comfort of your abode at Chena Huts. There is so much to see within the property premises.

Get fit!

Even when you are at a resort you can be on track with your fitness regime; one could do a lot of exercises using only their body weight and the best part, you do not need much space either. Many basic and even some of the advanced exercises can be done without any equipment and at a confined space. If you are stationed at resort properties the likes of Uga Bay, Ulagalla by Uga Escapes or at Jungle Beach by Uga Escapes you can also take advantage of the fully equipped gymnasium and carry out your fitness routine without any hindrances.

Spend time with your loved ones

If you are staying with your significant other or with your friends, join them for a cheerful conversation, talk and reminisce wonderful memories, join them for a meal, a relaxing walk – spend some quality time with them and make memories that you will cherish for a lifetime. Embrace the warmth and be thankful for having them in your life.

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