Best Boutique Hotels in Sri Lanka

Embodying luxurious comfort amidst stunning natural beauty, Uga offers the most distinctive boutique hotels in Sri Lanka, promising ecological sustainability and offering complete rejuvenation. Embrace the natural wonders and cultural magic of the island, and allow us to help you escape into new experiences that will enrich your mind, body and soul.

Each of our luxury hotels in Sri Lanka boasts signature dining experiences, spa and wellness centres, and every modern expectation of comfort and discerning design, so that you will feel compelled to indulge in further escapism.

Experience different aspects of the island’s treasures at each of our resorts. History and pastoral graciousness host you where the cultural triangle and wild animal parks await. Jungle and beach converge to offer the best of nature on land and offerings from the sea. Or immerse yourself in tropical, clear waters to make an ideal beach holiday.

Combine a love of nature and adventure, sumptuous relaxation and a means to explore the world outside and within. Explore Sri Lanka’s ancient cultural heritage amidst natural tropical beauty with the eco-friendly luxury of Uga.