Spas at Uga in Sri Lanka

At Uga, the lotus functions symbolically as an eloquent metaphor for the regeneration of the soul. But one must first release physical and mental tensions to discover inner peace. Such rejuvenation is readily available at this Sri Lanka spa hotel. Indulge in all-natural ayurvedic spa treatments created for ancient royalty, or sample techniques from other lands in the skilled hands of our trained therapists.

You may find your senses soothed by the sound of a gentle waterfall and the sight of water lilies drifting across a pond during a spa treatment in Anuradhapura. Or perhaps your mind will be calmed by the rhythm of the ocean waves as they lap at the golden shores of the East coast of Sri Lanka.

No matter how you choose to indulge your senses, Sri Lanka is the ideal destination to escape from the pace of modern life to experience a different, time-tested tempo. Match the rhythm of your breath to the swaying palms or the languid movement of a flowering vine and relax into the throb of life itself with Uga. Revitalise your mind, body and soul and experience a perfect sense of tranquillity during your stay at any of our luxury boutique hotels in Sri Lanka.

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