Sustainability at Uga / Sustainable practices

Luxury and sustainability really can go hand in hand, and at Uga we make this happen. Our hotels are defined by their rich heritage, natural environment and thriving local communities, and it’s our mission to preserve them for generations to come. Sustainability is considered on every level and we are constantly evaluating how we can surpass our environmental goals.

Our commitment to conserve and preserve ensures that sustainable tourism remains at the heart of everything we do.

Working hard behind the scenes, our dedicated sustainability team is tasked with ensuring our hotels follow GSTC guidelines. The Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) sets global standards for sustainable travel and tourism.
“Sustainability is integral to the way we manage our properties and key stakeholder relationships. In 2019-20 we made noteworthy strides, and as we look ahead we see sustainability in the form of health and safety and community engagement as particular areas to focus on as we recover from this crushing global crisis. Alongside our customers and suppliers, we continue to work towards a sustainable future for our communities, for Sri Lanka and the wider world.”
Priyanjith Weerasooriya. Chairman


Uga is committed to conserving the world’s precious ecological resources and has targeted goals for minimising energy, water and waste.

We increase energy efficiency through low energy light fittings, sensors and motion detectors, and through thorough staff training.
We practice water-efficient routines, and manage waste water safely and effectively.
We reduce residual waste, promote green purchasing policies and be single-use plastic free.
We carry out regular risk assessments to ensure safe practices in chemical handling and storage.

Our People

At UGA we are fully committed to fostering an engaging, diverse and inclusive work environment for our colleagues. Our commitment is supported by a labour and human rights policy that sets out the guiding principles, our training programs and a system to review our performance.

Local Hiring
Local Hiring
Inclusive and diverse workforce
Inclusive and diverse workforce
Welfare standards
Welfare standards
Comprehensive sustainability training
Comprehensive sustainability training
Child protection
Child protection
Our Sustainability team drives all the various initiatives. They identify weaknesses and gaps as well as opportunities to make operational improvements.
They establish baselines, prioritise specific goals and monitor the implementation of the following policies:
  • Child Protection Policy
  • Environmental Policy
  • Green Purchasing Policy
  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Community Engagement Policy
  • Labour & Human Rights Policy
  • Quality Assurance Policy
  • Energy Reduction Policy

Sustainable Supply

Sustainable procurement

UGA is committed to sustainable procurement practices that minimise negative societal and environmental impacts.

We prioritise the purchasing of green products, those source and manufactured locally, delivered in less packaging, energy and water efficient, and those produced with minimal environmental impact. We also prioritize sub-contractors that are certified or working towards sustainability certification.

Community Projects

The following is a list of the community projects we have sponsored in the recent past:

  • Washrooms for Punchikulama School: Previously, students were sharing just one toilet in a very poor condition. It is a mixed school so we constructed two toilets for the Punchikulama School students on our resort’s anniversary celebration day (2017)
  • Ratnapura Flood Relief Donation: School bags and dry foods were given to students who were affected by the floods in Ratnapura. (2017)
  • Book Donation to Athungama School as a part of our CSR. (2018)
  • Village House: We built a house for 42-year-old mother-of-two employee whose husband was severely affected by kidney disease.
  • Water Tank Donation for the Village: We donated a water tank to Ulagalla village as the community did not have a drinking water facility to help them cope with droughts. (2018)
  • Donation of books to Walagambahuwa School (2019)
  • Dam Irrigation System repairs: We repaired the damage to the Wannam Maduwa tank dam irrigation facility (2019)

The following is a list of the community projects we have sponsored in the recent past:

  • We carried out a road cleaning Shramadana and planted trees alongside the road leading to all the resorts in Passikuda (2019)
  • We cleaned Kalkudah Beach on World Tourism Day (2019)
  • We carried out another Shramadana in Oddamawadi Buddhist temple (2019)
  • Fruits donation to ‘Katina” in Oddamawadi Buddhist temple (2019)
  • Provided dinner for the children at the Good Shepherd Convent (2019)
  • Donated cement to the Hindu Kovil in Kalkudah to complete their renovation works (2019)
  • Invited children to the resort to be involved in the annual Christmas tree light up (2019)

The following is a list of the community projects we have sponsored in the recent past:

  • Donated roofing materials for Pustholamulla School (2018)
  • Donation of books for the Aluthgama School’s Wilamulla Sunday School as a part of CSR (2018)
  • We handed out free ice creams from our Yala Junction Dansala during the Poson Poya (holy) Day. Around 2,000 villagers consumed 150-litres of ice cream (2018)
  • We began an initiative to clean and clear the Kataragama to Sithulpawwa road after heavy rains. The road gives community access to Sithulpawwa Temple (2018)
  • We donated an iron boundary for the Yodakandiya Primary School (2019)
  • We donated funds for the creation of "Eastern Band " costumes for the Yodakandiya Central College Band (2019)

The following is a list of the community projects we have sponsored in the recent past:

  • Donated furniture and educational equipment to our local school (2017)
  • Installed awareness notice boards and implemented a solid waste management system in an effort to minimise pollution on Pigeon Island (2017)
  • Donated hand-rails to the Sri Thissapura Rajamahaviharaya temple (2017)
  • Celebrated World Children’s Day with the kids at Navatcholai Primary School (2017)
  • Built a bus stop outside the resort for staff and our local community (2017)
  • Donated dry rations to GA for the National Christmas Day celebration at Trincomalee (2017)
  • Gifted books and a library cupboard to the Navatcholai Primary School on World Children’s Day 2018. Many of the students are from underprivileged and low-income families and a library was designed to assist them to reach educational goals (2018)
  • Refreshments provided for 150 children at the Paediatric Unit of the Trincomalee District’s General Hospital (2018)

Guest Satisfaction

At UGA we are committed to delivering genuine service. Getting to know our guests is one of our highest priorities and our teams love meeting guests and learning about their likes, expectations and requirements. This valuable information enables us to personalise wherever possible, offer memorable experiences and encourage guest loyalty of our brand.

We value feedback and at each of our hotels we offer our UGA Escapes guest satisfaction programme, which invites guests to provide feedback by email immediately following their stay. Responses are analysed monthly, and the annual values are presented below.