Wildlife & Nature in Sri Lanka

Nature is always at your doorstep, with abundant bird life and curious lizards of all sizes. Hundreds of butterfly species flutter and dragonflies that exist nowhere else in the world zip over ponds filled with lotus, fish and vocalizing frogs. Squirrels and monkeys climb among trees and peer through flowering vines. Bats awake at sunset to show their silhouette against the dramatic and colourful sky. Each of our truly Sri Lankan boutique hotels has a naturalist on hand to introduce you to the distinct traits of the local wildlife.

For more rare and exciting sightings, like elephants, leopards, bears or any of the other 90 plus species of mammals on the island, a short jaunt from any of our properties will take you into one of Sri Lanka’s many wildlife reserves where you can observe animals in their exotic habitats. Embark on a Sri Lanka jungle safari during your stay at our property, Uga Chena Huts stands out amongst other luxury hotels near Yala National Park and lets you truly experience the wildlife of this island.