Attractions and Things to do in Sri Lanka

The teardrop island of Sri Lanka is truly a multi-faceted gem in the Indian Ocean, where an expansive range of experiences commingle to tempt you. There are ancient relics to discover, a variety of landscapes to explore and an array of wildlife to encounter alongside the sights, sounds and flavours of our local cultures. One could find numerous things to do in Sri Lanka that caters the precise needs of travellers.

Step out of the rush and settle in to natural rhythm dictated by the ebb and flow of the tide along our tropical beaches. Learn the centuries old traditions from local fisher folk or hear tales of ancient kings and their courts from their ancestors; your village neighbours. Dance with celebratory drums, or listen to the chime of bells to dissolve into the call of birds as they fly across lush paddy fields or swoop through verdant jungles.

Sri Lanka is the ideal destination to escape from the pace of modern life to experience a different, time- tested tempo. Our extensive range of luxury hotels in Sri Lanka will ensure that you experience tranquillity and delve into an absolute state of relaxation during your stay.