Luxury Beach of Sri Lanka

Upon sighting the topaz or sapphire blues of Sri Lanka’s Coast, you will know you’ve found the paradise described by travellers throughout history. The sand sparkles with a trail of miniature treasures to lure you into warm waters. Lounge in comfort, watching as the birds put on a show drifting then diving. Or answer the call to leave your footprints along pristine stretches of sand.

While fisher folk go about their daily work, shipwrecks and coral reefs wait to be explored, and the ocean anticipates its change to give you a ride on its warm currents. Dive into the adventure with a variety of water sports and activities and play until you feel the pull of the comforts and delights that await you back on land. Uga offer you the best resorts in Sri Lanka to indulge in the simple pleasures whilst immersing yourself in luxury.