Trincomalee Attractions

Located on the north-eastern coast of Sri Lanka, Trincomalee is celebrated for its golden beaches which include the likes of Nilaveli and Uppuveli. Renowned for being one the world’s finest natural deep-water harbours, ‘Trinco’ – as it is fondly referred to – has been admired by explorers and coveted by colonial invaders for centuries. It is steeped in history and blessed with unearthly beauty.

The towering Fort Frederick is testament to the strong influence of the Dutch colonists who once ruled this part of the island. Within it thick stone walls is Swami Rock, atop which lies the ancient Koneswaram Temple – a Hindu holy site dedicated to the God Shiva. The popular Lover’s Leap can also be found within its confines.

With its pristine beaches, which rank among the most picturesque on the island, Trinco is a destination celebrated for its water sports. Pigeon Island is a charming rock islet off the white sandy beaches of Nilaveli. A short boat ride takes you to this scenic island, famous for snorkeling and the iconic Blue Rock Pigeons who gather there to breed.

Amongst the numerous attractions in Trincomalee is also the seven hot water springs in Kanniya. The waters in these wells are of varying temperatures and are believed to be rich in therapeutic properties.
Uga Jungle Beach offers travellers the perfect base of operations, as it is located just minutes from all the Trincomalee attractions that make up its allure.