Trinco City Tour – Spiritual

Delve into the mysticism and spirituality of the Hindu faith with the aid of a spiritual guide, who will help you explore its mystery and symbolism.

The Hindu Temple is a sacred space where man and the gods commune. Priests conduct their puja rites within this hallowed space, presenting offerings such as flowers, water, incense, and food, to honour the gods and invoke their blessings – a devotion known as Bhakti. A guided spiritual Trincomalee tour through the realm of the Hindu faith awaits you.

  • Time of Departure – Early morning or afternoon
  • Duration – Four-and-a-half hours including a 45-minute drive to Trincomalee and back
  • Distance – 27 km
  • What is included – Transport to Trincomalee, water bottles, a picnic drink and snack, fresh juice, and a cool towel upon your return
  • What to bring/wear – Comfortable, cool clothes which are suitable for temple visits, a sunhat, gym shoes, and your camera
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