Water Sports in Sri Lanka

Uga Bay in Passekudah is one of the very best locations to enjoy water sports in Sri Lanka. With such an expansive stretch of pristine beach, and the warm blue water calling from our calm protected bay, you can take advantage of the shallows that go for hundreds of meters, and easily launch jet skis, or try out kayaking or windsurfing. We also have coral reefs for snorkelling, deeper waters for boating and shipwrecks to explore while scuba diving.

Scuba Diving in Sri Lanka is at its most exciting at the nearby World War II shipwreck of the HMS Hermes. The very first purpose-built aircraft carrier in the world, she was bombed by Japanese aircraft and sunk in the sea off of Batticaloa. The dive is reserved for experienced divers, as the vessel lies at a depth of 44m (145ft). Let Uga Bay arrange your undersea adventures!