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Resort Activities

You may want to kick back, do nothing and just enjoy the peace, quiet and hospitality. If so, we’re happy to oblige. But maybe you’d like to add a bit of activity, discovery and colour to your vacation. Here in the middle of the ‘Cultural Triangle’, there’s a wealth of places to visit and explore. Many of the Anuradhapura things to do are within a few minutes’ walk or bicycle ride from the hotel.


Nature Walk

Best Time : 6 am Cost Per Person : $20

There’s more to Ulagalla than just the view out of your window. Wake up with the dawn chorus and take a guided walk round the estate and beyond. This leisurely 90-minute ramble includes a walk along the banks of Wannemaduwa ‘tank’, a traditional irrigation reservoir built to a design over two thousand years old.

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Jungle Kayaking

Best Time : 6 am or 4 pm Cost Per Person : $30 to $45

Take to the waters of Wannemaduwa tank in a kayak at dawn or dusk to experience the wild life of the forest at its most active. Paddle quietly with your friendly staff guide through floating islands of lotus blossom, stands of water bird-haunted reeds and overhanging boughs. The soft light of the rising or setting sun turns the air to honey and touches the dragonflies’ wings with gold.

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Village Bicycle Excursion

Best Time : 7 am or 3 pm Cost Per Person : $20

Discover the elegant simplicity of Sri Lankan village life on this two-hour guided bicycle excursion. Keep an eye open for exotic birds and small wildlife along the route – expect surprises! Your destination is Veheragalla, a traditional farming village not far from the hotel. You’ll meet the inhabitants and be welcomed at the home of the village headman.

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Ulagalla on Horseback

Best Time : Any time outside of the midday sun! Cost Per Person : $30 to $45

If you prefer riding to walking, you can spend a happy hour or so exploring the estate and neighbourhood on horseback with a staff groom. We also offer longer excursions by prior arrangement.

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Organic Garden Tour & Cookery Demonstration

Best Time : between 09:30 am and lunchtime Cost Per Person : $55

For the nature-loving foodie: a guided tour of our organic herb and vegetable garden, during which you can hand-pick fresh, juicy ingredients for your lunch. End your walk with a visit to our traditional hearth kitchen, where the herbs and vegetables you’ve selected will be transformed into delicious Sri Lankan dishes especially for you.

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Best Time : an hour or so before sunset Cost Per Person : $20 to $30

Surrounded by green woods at Ulagalla, you may want to try your hand at being Robin Hood. If so, we can supply the equipment – bows, arrows and targets – as well as expert advice and even some friendly competition from our recreational assistants, who are graduates of the Colombo School of Archery. Or engage in a tournament with your own party or fellow guests.

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Best Time : By arrangement Cost Per Person : Based on requirement

An expert visiting instructor conducts programmes for guests on request. Sessions vary in duration and intensity depending on your preference

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A Buddhist Temple at Full Moon

Best Time : in the evening once a Month at Full Moon Cost Per Person : 20$

This very special excursion only takes place on Poya (full moon) days, which are holy to the Buddhists of Sri Lanka. A Buddhist guide will conduct you to Veheragala Temple, where you can observe and participate in the traditional rites of Sinhalese Buddhism such as lamp lighting, circling the stupa and offering floral tributes.

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Kite Making

Best Time : 3 pm Cost Per Person : $15

Kite making and kite-flying are popular traditional pastimes all over South Asia. Come along and learn how to make, launch and fly a bamboo and paper kite of classic Sri Lankan design, such as a nye sarungala

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