Wilpattu & Minneriya National Parks

Ulagalla lies between two famous nature reserves. Wilpattu National Park Sri Lanka is one of the oldest and largest national parks: from the western seaboard north of Puttalam, it extends halfway to Anuradhapura. Thickly forested except around the hundreds of ponds or willu that give it its name, Wilpattu is famous for its bird life, bears, elephants and leopards (of which it has one of the largest populations in Sri Lanka), though many other species also call it home. It is best visited during the inter-monsoonal months of February and October but is fascinating all year round.

Minneriya lies to the east of Ulagalla, around a gigantic irrigation reservoir or ‘tank’ completed in 286AD by King Mahasena I of Anuradhapura. It is a relatively small sanctuary, best known for the Gathering, a seasonal congregation of wild elephants that attracts herds as big as 400 to the shores of Minneriya tank, where the elephants mate, bathe and socialize.

For details of our tour offers to Wilpattu and Minneriya, please contact the Front Office.

Time of departure – Best time to go 5 a.m. for morning safaris

Time of departure – Best time to go 01.oo p.m. for Evening safaris. (Minneriya/Kaudulla)

Duration – 5 Hours, over 1 Hour to get to and from any one of these parks and then 3 1/2 Hours in a 4 x 4 vehicle with Nature Guide for the safari in the parks.

What is included – Vehicle transport to the park if you do not have your own transport, water bottles, entrance fees to the park, 4 x 4 jeep and Nature Guide for the safari, a picnic basket brunch, fresh juice and cool towel on your return Home.
What to bring/wear – comfortable, cool clothes, a sunhat, your camera.


Do’s & Dont’s in National Parks

  • Read the rules and regulations of each national park BEFORE entering the park.
  • Adhere to the park opening and closing times when visiting.
  • Do not enter the park without a recommended Nature Guide and at all times follow his advice.
  • Since you are entering the domain of wild animals, always remember that you are in their territory and treat them with consideration.
  • Please do bring to the notice of the park’s authorities any special observations you may have.
  • Do not on any account get out of your vehicle in the park unless in an area designated safe for humans
  • All mobile phones should be switched to silent mode.
  • Do not consume alcoholic beverages or travel under the influence when inside the park.




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