Anuradhapura Attractions

Anuradhapura, the District in which, the resort is located, is widely acknowledged by historians as the first capital of civilised Sri Lanka. Rich with culture and history, it is home to ancient ruins of temples, some of the largest stupas of the world and palaces dating back to the 10th Century BC. Anuradhapura is recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Simply a must-see attraction.

On your way to see Anuradhapura’s attractions, you must not miss the opportunity to witness the architectural wonder of the rock fortress of Sigiriya – the impressive citadel built by the rebel king Kashyapa. Gardens, bathing pools, rock carvings, and a palace perched on the majestic rock as well as colourful frescos on the rock walls are the highlights of this historical site.

Minneriya National Park, famous for the annual gathering of its elephants –one of the world’s largest recorded assemblies of elephants – is another location teeming with wildlife that should not be missed.

However, if you want to spot Sri Lankan elephants, the elusive leopards, sloth bears, spotted deer, buffaloes, sambar, mongoose, and over 30 species of animals, exotic birdlife, reptiles, and amphibians, Wilpattu National Park is the place to visit. The park is spread over an area of approximately 1300 square kilometres.