Things To Do in Dambulla

Conveniently situated close to Sigiriya, Dambulla is a must-visit for the famed Dambulla Cave Temple where once Buddhist ascetics resided. Carved out of solid rock, the splendour of the temple lies mainly in the sheer expanse of Buddha statues and elaborate artwork that fill the cave from end-to-end. This is regarded as a Holy place so you need to ensure you maintain respect and decorum on your visit. As with many ancient heritage spots in the island, this too has history etched in every inch and is perched on a rock approximately 600 ft above the plain. There is much to be learnt about the rich history and culture of the island within these walls in every painting, and every sculpture. It is a labyrinth consisting of five caves interwoven with each other, each with its own persona and story to tell.
Dambulla is a city known to have been frequented by many of Sri Lanka’s Kings as they sought refuge and advice from the hermits that lived within the temple walls. Some have been recorded to have contributed towards the construction of its many statues as an act of gratitude and respect, noted down in detail in history books. These caves tell the tales of an era gone by, and is an extremely peaceful place to visit with the gentle swishes of the Bo trees accentuating tranquility and mindfulness which marks the perfect end to your day.
As a hotel near Dambulla, Ulagalla by Uga Escapes offers tours to visit this ancient city. Details of the tour are as follows:

  • Time of departure – Best time is in the morning, after 7.00 AM
  • Duration – 3-4 hours depending on the guest.
  • Distance – 45 km from Ulagalla and transportation up & down around 90km
  • Visit the Dambulla Golden Rock Temple, Guide Fees at Dambulla, Picnic pack (Includes Fresh Juice Picnic box with Choice of two sweet or savory pastries /Water), guide from the hotel.

What to bring/wear – comfortable, cool clothes which are suitable for hiking and a temple visit, a sunhat, gym shoes, your camera.

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