Sigiriya Tour

It is easy to be distracted by the misshapen rock on the horizon just on the border of Dambulla, glaringly out of place yet so perfectly poised. The Sigiriya rock fortress, considered to be the Eighth Wonder of the World, and the result of an ancient royal altercation that took place centuries ago distinctly shaping the history of Sri Lanka. Dating back to the 5th century, King Kasyapa constructed this architectural and engineering marvel complete with flourishing irrigation systems to seek refuge from his brother, who was exacting his revenge in India for Kasyapa’s brutal murder of their father in a bloodthirsty act to claim the throne. Having significantly affected his popularity in what was then a deeply Buddhist country, Kasyapa had no choice but to flee whilst the people awaited their rightful king, Prince Mogallana. In the ensuing battle upon the return of his brother complete with an Indian army, Kasyapa took his own life thus ending his reign but the ancient city of Sigiriya prevails.
You will be able to picture the ancient city come to life as you hike past its moats, water fountains (that still function to this day), and walk through the entrance to what once was Kasyapa’s palace via the life-sized lion paws it is famed for
Ulagalla by Uga Escapes being a hotel near Sigiriya offers special tours for our guests. A brief description of the tour is given below:

  • Time of departure – Best time is in the morning, after 7.00 AM
  • Duration – 5- 6 hours depending on the guest.
  • Distance – 362 km from Ulagalla and transportation up & down around 54 km from Ulagalla
  • Climb at Sigiriya Rock Fortress, Guide Fees at Sigiriya, Picnic pack (Includes Fresh Juice Picnic box with Choice of two sweet or savory pastries /Water), guide from the hotel

What to bring/wear – comfortable, cool clothes which are suitable for hiking and a temple visit, a sunhat, gym shoes, your camera.

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