Village Bicycle Excursion

Discover the elegant simplicity of Sri Lankan village life on this two-hour guided bicycle excursion. Keep an eye open for exotic birds and small wildlife along the route – expect surprises! Your destination is Veheragalla, a traditional farming village not far from the hotel. You’ll meet the inhabitants and be welcomed at the home of the village headman. On your return journey, savour the tranquil prospect from the local ‘meditation rock’, where Buddhist monks and villagers gather for spiritual practice on full moon nights.

    • Time of departure – Best times to go 7am or 3pm.
    • Duration – 2 Hours
    • Cycling Distance – 6km on the flat
    • What is included – Bicycles, water bottles, a map of the village area, drink and snack at a village house, fresh juice and cool towel on your return Home.
    • What to bring/wear – comfortable, cool clothes which are suitable for cycling and a temple visit, a sunhat, gym shoes, your camera, money if you would like to pop into the local ‘kade’ village shop.

Cost per person – US $ 30

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